Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Web Nursery

Here are the boy’s web nursery photos.  Can someone tell me, do they make the babies suck lemons before their pictures?

Here’s Owen


Here’s Alex.


Rachel said...

Even with the sour patch kids look they're adorable!
Come to think of it Aliya's expression in her pic at the hospital looked like that too. Hehe.

Jeremy said...

From what I've seen of Jon, these two look just like him (sorry, Sara).

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful Sata!
I love getting updates on you guys on your blog. I feel so informed! The boys look amazng and I don't know if I have ever seen babies who look more like their Daddy at such a young age.
I can't wait to hold them!!
Love, Aunt Jona

Anonymous said...

whoops, I swear I typed "Sara"