Sunday, July 16, 2006

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thanks again to everyone for your words of encouragement and your prayers. This may be hard, but my frame of mind is better and this is getting easier, because of that. You all brighten my day. Normal blogging (and topics other then pregnancy and babies) will resume soon, as I am now better capable of streaming my news and infomation on the internet (and I'm not transfixed by cartoons on cable).

Wow, it’s amazing how nice it is to return to my own bed. The spare bed at moms house is newer, and after sleeping on it for 2 months I wondered what it would be like to home and in my own bed. It was great, and I don’t particularly think my bed is comfy. I am gearing myself up for tomorrow, when I am left alone with all 4 kids. I have successfully feed the twins at the same time (nursed, bottle feed, burped and diaper change) in about and hour. That takes a lot of the scare out. When we were feeding separately, with Jonathan bottle-feeding them it was taking an hour. Now that I can nurse at the same time the time is getting better.

Without further ado, here they are Owen Banks (on the left) and Alexander “Alex” Sloan (on the right). This was taken on Sunday, July 9th, right after they were put in the same bed together.


Kelly Sime said...

truly wonderful!

Tiffany said...

congrads! they are simply breathtaking! i am so happy they are home with you. you have been in our thoughts and prayers and good luck with the days to come.


Jeremy said...

Are Alex and Owen identical?

Cam said...

What a great picture! I'm so glad they're home now and things are looking up.