Sunday, September 24, 2006


In my old age I now prefer talk radio to music, at least during the standard 8-5 Monday through Friday week. At home though I rarely turn on the radio during the day and I only listen to a little from the computer. My radio time is now in the evenings in the car. Since we moved a little over a year ago I haven’t taken the time to find music stations I like, until now.

I have come to the conclusion that I am old (not really) because my favorite station now is the classic rock station. I’m now feeling very “1985”, not the whole song mind you, but things like when did Motley Crue become classis rock? For that matter when did Pearl Jam? I do prefer my rock & roll, alternative, and 80’s to most (not all mind you) of what’s out today. I will admit I have found mad love for one new song, Nickelback’s Rockstar, the lyrics had me totally cracking up at how it mocks rockers.

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