Monday, September 25, 2006

Totally random

There are just moments you want to blow a big raspberry and say, “I told you so!”
I’ll be honest I was good and didn’t.

How do you tell if a person is feeding you a line of bull?  I’m not great at discerning if people (enter the word acquaintances) are telling me the truth.  I’m not totally gullible, but when I question a person’s honesty, it takes me a while to be totally sure.  I wish there was a trick for when you think people are being tricky or dishonest.

It’s warm, almost toasty outside.  We ran the attic fan last night and it’s outright cold in our house.  I need a sweatshirt indoor and a t-shirt outdoors.  I love fall.


camera-gal said...

I usually try to take what the person is telling me at face value. If they believe that to be so--okay. Until proven wrong. Then I just remember the particular instance and slowly distance myself from them. It really is a show of character to find that someone is lying or not be entirely honest.

Tiffany said...

good question...i find myself to be somewhat gullible at times....i think because i have such a high regards to people. i believe they would not lie to me and i believe everyone is inately good. however, this has lead me to many heartaches and emotional tear downs but all in all i try to believe that what they tell me to my face is my dillema lies in when i find out they are giving me bull do i confront them on it or let it go?