Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pictures Round 2

Owen is in yellow and Alex (or Xander) is in blue. They are still very little (especially compared to Jackson at this age). They are very sweet and sleep through the night.

Victoria begged for us to go to this Indian Summer thing down the street from out house. It was a waste of time with junk dealers and not much else. The only good things (outside of a nice walk) were the good pictures I got at the waaaay over priced pony ride.


camera-gal said...

so sweet!

Jeremy said...

Alex looks so much like his dad! :)

Cam said...

You have the cutest kids (and that goes for the round of pictures below as well)!

Tiffany said...

ohh my...those babies have grown so much...ohh and so sweet. and there are 2!

how do you do it? i swear i think thier little cheeks would be smooched in if they were mine because i would have kissed them so much!

i am so thrilled they are doing well.