Wednesday, April 16, 2008

1979 Triumph Spitfire 1500

This will be Jonathan's car for driving to work and to the acre of blackberries we have 1 1/2 hours away. He made 2 trip to his parents land, to the berries, and I made one trip to Norman and our auto gas budget increased waaaay too much. This vehicle gets about 30 mpg.

We bought it off of ebay from a guy in T-town. He was working on it and has all of the parts (several newly machined) it just requires final assembly, it also has a hardtop that needs new seals. J's mom has a Spitfire also, so he's used to working on them. It's definitely easier then the Lincoln. This car will also retain some value (unlike most other cars we've had) and it's cheap to fix.

Jonathan feels like he's starting a classic car collection, because he already has a 1954 Pontiac Chieftain.

The auction was exciting, we had power issues on our street yesterday (blown transformers, 3 fire tucks, neighbors trees being cut down by PSO, calling neighbors at work to give messages from firefighters). I had power in spite of the issues in the alley, until 10 minutes before the auction ended. The power company cut it all off and I had to call Jonathan at work to finish the auction. My heart was pounding.

After the auction ended I was shutting breakers off at neighbors houses. The Art Gallery across the street had all of it's wiring fried and had smoke, but no fire damage. The firefighters were afraid when the power company turned the power back on that we may have more of that happen. I was supplying what I could when the power came back up to help them cover the gallery door. They had to bust out the glass, so I was running my extension cord and drill over to help them get the plywood on to cover it.

About 3:15pm I was walking out of my neighbors house when their 12 year old walked up. His dad told me where the spare key was and I unplugged their TV and computer and I turned their power off. I had just finished slowly turning their power back on (and going over and doing a smell and fire detector check). The funny thing was his lack of concern of me coming out of the house. He was totally disappointment he missed the fire trucks. I guess even 6th grade boys like fire trucks and excitement.

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