Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Okay, so V's music showed up Monday...late. She spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday learning her song. She sang "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile" from ANNIE. She could sing and act and smile as long as she didn't have the music on. Once she had the music her timing was good if she didn't smile or move. If I told her to smile it looked like she was smelling socks or she sang too fast.

Some how in spite of that she got a call back Saturday. She must have gotten into her groove under pressure. I wasn't in her audition, I don't know.

V, the twins and I missed the auction and she was at call backs for over 3 hours Saturday afternoon. After, we went to Yale to pick up Jonathan and Jackson (they went to the auction and took his parents Tahoe back).

We waited until Monday for the cast list to post and....she didn't make the show.

I was more nervous then she was. She was not at all bummed. She had fun auditioning and doing call backs and that was enough (she's a bigger person then I am). Jonathan didn't want her to get into the show and then he was bummed she didn't make it.

I'm just really proud of her hard work and good attitude.


Anonymous said...

As long as V is not bummed out by not being chosen I am sure she will do fine. If this is her first audition, then it will serve as very good experience for her to look back on and analyze for mistakes.

I hope that you can manage to keep her interested in music, whether it be voice or instrumental, because one can get so much of a thrill from good music.

Good luck to all.


Babystepper said...

It's amazing how much better the little guys attitudes can be about these things.

Do you think she'll want to try again sometime?

Anonymous said...

Hey Sara, my MIL (Pam) got me started reading your blog with some sort of poop story and have to say there are some entertaining stories on here. This is Brian's wife, Jennifer, btw. Why no pics of the twins on the photo album? Last time I saw them was when we visited (year ago?).