Friday, April 11, 2008


I cut off my hair. I know what you're thinking..."What hair?" Well, chin length is long for me and I've been good and It's been longer then that for over 4 years. Tuesday it left. I forgot how much I missed short (really short) hair. Since just before Easter weekend I have cut Jackson, V's and the twins (for the first time).

Jennifer you're right I need more pictures. I will try to remedy that soon. Unfortunately I'm too busy (or lazy) to right now. Actually right now it is busy, most days it's lazy though.

I did the great meat buy yesterday, so I have to prep and freeze it all and make a birthday cake for a friend. The cake will be eaten here after a trip into T-town to the Olive Garden, so we have to clean (I'm in big trouble). I also am putting the final coat of varnish on V's floor today (so J can finish her walls and I can paint). I'm the lighting designer for an event called The Show of Hands (sign language to Broadway songs). Dress rehearsal is tonight with a show Saturday night (after Olive Garden) and Sunday afternoon.

No, I'm not normally this busy, I'm just in that moment that hits every so often right now.

I must renew my library books now and get back to work.

Have a great weekend!

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