Friday, October 24, 2008

Pardon me... (UPDATED)

...but WHAT THE HELL! Oh, yes I'm mad. (UPDATE) I didn't explain, the link is about the government eyeing taking our 401K's.

Also, Allen Greenspan expressing shock and disbelief, because capitalist system failed us? WRONG! Too, damn much government intervention into the capitalist system is the problem. You trace it back and that is the problem. If you say it isn't you're in denial or stupid. Don't even try to argue it with me, you will lose.


The stupidity of it all is enough to make me nuts. Why have so many people become so easily led and stupid...this is one reason I home educate my she can read between the lines of the ignorant drivel, that so many people are buying.

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Wai said...

Even scarier is that the House Democrats are talking about screwing around with our 401(K)s.