Saturday, January 15, 2011

A change of scenery and a crazy idea.

Yes, this move has come on quickly especially for 2 people who've never lived anywhere but Oklahoma.

Jonathan threw out a suggestion Wednesday of last week and I thought he was nuts...then I changed my mind.

We are not renting a house when we move to California.

When you rent a house you move in and get settled a dry rot seems to set in.

We are moving into the state of a 26ft travel trailer.  For perspective our living room is 15 X 35 and the trailer is 26 X 8.  We will live and homeschool, with Californai K12, the first few months we are there and live (yes all 7 of us in this trailer).  We plan to park it in Mojave and we will be in walking distance of JR's office, and it's supposed to be 60-65 degrees most days.  We will be forced to get out of the trailer and go to Yosemite, Big Sur, L.A. and tons of other places.  We will embrace our adventure and get to know our new home, before finding a home.

When we moved to Bartlesville 5 years ago there was a lot we wanted to explore...and didn't.  Yes we had lots of renovation projects and we had 3 more children, but we didn't take advantage of what there was to experience here.

Are we mad or genius...only time and dead bodies will tell.  HA!


Our Treasured Home said...

You are young and now is the time to do a "crazy idea" I totally agree with exploring everything around you while you are there. You may not live there forever, take advantage of it all. Rhonda

Carina said...

Regardless of the consequences, much will be learned, on way or another.

The books arrived. Thanks!!