Monday, January 24, 2011

Our story begins...

...this past August.  I had hit burn out point and opted to put the kids in school, where we experienced the good, the bad and the ugly.  Okay maybe just the good and the bad.  I was torn, but I did it anyway.

The second day of school a water line busted under the living room.  The trunk line for the a/c blocked the access, so the renovation we knew needed done began and we tore the room up and cut a hole in the sub floor to fix the line bust.

So began a renovation adventure that included removing flooring, paneling, trim, a non load bearing wall, and a doorway.  The renovation involved leveling our sub floor, wiring, hanging a projector, a power projector screen, surround sound boxes, new trim and carpet.  We did all the work except for the carpet.

During this time, Jonathan's boss left NORDAM and got a job with TSC.  Things at NORDAM changed and though Jonathan enjoyed working there he didn't feel like there was a great possibility for advancement soon.  He thought he needed to look for the next step in his career and he sent his resume to TSC.

The final job on the living room was the carpet and the day it was installed (Wednesday, November 17th) he was told TSC would be bringing him to CA for an interview soon.  I told him that this happened, b/c I no longer hated our fixer upper house.  HA!

December came and JR, CAR and I went to CA for his interview.  I kept this quiet, b/c we had thought that we were headed to Singapore and Shanghai at different points with NORDAM and it never happened.  I just didn't want to talk about something that might not happen (again).

JR got his job offer on Dec 23rd, countered the 26th and they finalized his agreement on the 28th.  Can you see my head spinning.

On January 12th JR mentioned buying his friend Thom's RV and living in it instead of renting a house.  I thought he was nuts for about 30 minutes and then I changed my mind (see previous blog post).

We ran full bore until Tuesday, January 17th when we drove away from Oklahoma.

God's timing is amazing.  I put my kids in school, in time for my living room to be renovated, in time to put it on the market to sell, so we could move half way across the country.

I now have internet at the ghetto (literally) RV park in Mojave, CA.  We will be changing parks at the end of the week to one that is nice (seriously there are some very nice ones).  I'll dump my camera and blackberry soon so you can take a look at our travels and our crazy life.

Much more to follow...

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