Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm moving on...

...I'm going home...(Smash Mouth-Moving On)

Okay, so CA may not be home yet, but it's been pretty good.  I will not complain about 65 degrees in January.

Our story continues...

We planned to leave on Monday the 17th.  We were struggling to get everything done to the house, the truck packed and the house cleaned.  Honestly it didn't all get done by us and we left the 18th.

On Sunday our neighbor Allen (one of Jonathan's best friends) said, "You aren't leaving tomorrow."  I had been saying it, but Jonathan wasn't really hearing me.  I was thankful that Allen gave him perspective.

We worked like dogs all Monday.  I ran and picked up the car carrier to move Jonathan's 1954 Pontiac Chieftan, and we got it loaded on the trailer and hooked to his truck.  The final plan was to park the Pontiac at the Blackberry Farm and park the truck there and call a transport company to bring the truck to Cali, so we could drive as a family.  We ran full bore and we got to bed at 2 am Tuesday.  We all slept on the living room floor.

Things honestly looked bleak for our Tuesday departure until I had an epiphany at 12:30 while I took a final shower before we left.  I solved the problem of more trash that we had no place to put.

We rolled away from the house at about 10 and made a quick return to Lowe's, grabbed breakfast at McD's and drove to the farm.

After unloading the car we ran for a final meal at Panda in Stillwater and off we went.

We were far enough behind that we didn't get to the pikepass office before it closed (it closes at 4:30 and we were there at 4:40).  We ran by my sister Michelle's and dropped the passes in her mailbox and in our fog didn't see my b-i-l Steve as we pulled away.

Oddly enough we did see Michelle driving the opposite direction on the Kilpatrick Turnpike.

We did make Amarillo, by 10:30 and we rolled into a KOA near Folsom Rd.  We actually noticed that the next morning and JR started busting out in some Johnny Cash, even though Folsom Prison is in CA.

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