Monday, January 03, 2011

And so the story goes...

We are moving from Bartlesville.  I will no longer be able to see a Frank Llyod Wright skyscraper from my front yard.

The truck arrives Friday, January 14th for us to load.

Yes, I am packing.

Yes, we are loading the truck.

No, we aren't driving it.  ABF is.

It will drive to Tehachapi, CA.

No, we have no place to live yet.

Yes, we will probably live in a hotel with 5 kids and a chocolate lab until we rent some place.

Jonathan starts his new job on January 24th in Mojave, CA.

He put his notice in at Nordam on the 3rd.

He will be the program manger for the interior of the spaceship for TSC (the Spaceship Company, owned by Virgin Galactic and Sir Richard Branson).

No, we are not prepared.

Yes, we will be crazy before it's all over.

Yes, we like it that way.

No, we will not buy a fixer upper in California.  Two has been enough (one in OKC and one in Bartlesville).

I'm not sure what else to say, but if you know someone who wants a really cool 110 year old house that has had a lot of restoration done, let me know.  It will be for sale or lease and we will be listing it soon.

2700 sq ft.
4 with and office/den or 5 br
2 ba
2 car detached garage
900 sq ft attic with a full set of stairs
New 5 ton central heat and a/c unit with new (added) duct work to the attic (May 2010).
Vinyl double hung windows with full screens installed in 1995 (no draft)
Renovated living room/theater with powered project screen (will leave current projector for a price otherwise you bring your own), current projector 3500 lumen, Eiki XC-L3, hard wired surround sound and cables to projector
Gas and Electric averaged ($100-$150 a piece a month, not bad for a HUGE house)
Attic Fan
Fenced yard
Corner lot
Great porches with porch swing and columns
Single layer newer roof in fantastic shape
Mature Trees
Fenced yard
Richard Kane Elementary
Central Middle School
5-8 blocks from downtown, the library, the Bartlesville Community Center, COP offices, Post Office, YMCA, numerous banks and churches (great walking distance).  Outside of Wal-Mart, Lowe's and our church I could hang out in walking distance.  The best restaurant in town is downtown (Frank and Lola's).
40 minutes to downtown Tulsa with little traffic, Jonathan was working 35 minutes away in north Tulsa and the commute wasn't bad.


sharilloyd said...

Ever since I read your news a few days ago on FB, I have experienced sudden extreme anxiety each time it has come to my thoughts. :( I should be praying, I know, but I'm not sure it'd be for your move to go forward as you guys are wanting. I know you guys are up in Bartlesville and we're down here, but it still feels like you're close. Okay. I just can't speak right now. I promise I'll write after an attitude adjustment. But now I'm feeling a bit heartsick. (just say it, Sara. . . like your future gov Schwarzenegger . . .' I'll be baahhk ')

Auz E. Moto said...

Oklahoma is sure going to be more boring without you. But at least there is FINALLY a reason to visit California. Travel safe.

Vanessa said...

I love this post. Answers every question!
We will miss you BADLY, but know you will land on your feet & have tons of fun.
Say hi to Cali for me!

Carina said...

Sorry that you're leaving, but it sounds like this is going to be exciting for your family. Are you going to switch back to homeschooling for Jackson too?

Jeremy said...

Wait, there's a skyscraper in Bartlesville?