Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I understand rivalries, but I think the AD at OSU shows a real lack of class in this article. I would like to see the people in charge at least act like adults. Just because Boone Pickens paid a lot to redo their stadium doesn’t mean they are any different in the realm of football.

It’s a football game. This emphasizes what I have said all along, OSU is more concerned about the OU game then OU is. OSU isn’t OU’s biggest rival and I think that tweeks them.

I’m with the kid who doesn’t want to pay $20 more for an OSU ticket then for an OU/Texas one. Heck, for $100 you can get an OU/Texas ticket and a tank of gas to get to Dallas and have a lot more to do. When I was a freshman at OSU (1997) a ticket to bedlam at Norman was $40. I personally wouldn’t spend $80-$100 bucks a ticket when I can watch the game on TV from the comfort of my living room.

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Jeremy said...

Well put.