Monday, November 20, 2006

Ready. Set. Cook!

My wonderful DH bought a recip saw yesterday. Would you like to know my first thought? I can cut out my cabinets that hold a lousy drop in out and put in my old stove! I have a 500 pound 1941 Chambers type B (scroll about 1/3 down). I have never cooked on anything that cooks half as well. It is a totally different cooking experience; heating is even (you can shut your oven vent and turn your oven off and it will hold your temp and continue cooking), simmering is right on and easy to adjust, the broiler under the griddle in handy, the griddle is awesome and the deep well (think crock pot in your stove) is too cool.

I’ve missed my stove since we moved (it’s in the garage). It’s been a year and a half since I’ve used it. I bought it in Stockyard City in OKC at a place called Tyson’s. They referb old stoves. My friend Kara’s just went out and she went and bought an old Chambers as well (think Rachel Ray). She called raving about her cooking experience and I missed mine even more. I’m so ready to cook on a gas stove that I can actually adjust to a simmer and that doesn’t have oven temperature fluctuations between 100 degrees too hot and 50 degrees too cold.


Noillirac said...

Your stove looks great! I think I saw one like it on Everybody Loves Raymond last night.

kim Smith said...

That is the cutest stove! I am so envious! Although, my dream stove is one of the 6 burner stoves. It never seems like I have enough room. And WHY do they have one really good burner and 3 burners that aren't worth a flip??? There should only be one small burner on the stove...if at all.... just my rant for the day. Oh, I seen you have a myspace, mine is Kiss the babies for me, I really could use a baby fix. I look forward to the next PE session.