Friday, November 24, 2006


I did call my mom on Thanksgiving (just not mid dinner like last year) and told her I wasn’t pregnant, since I called to say I was last year.

I can’t believe it was Thanksgiving Day that the test came up + last year. Looking back over the blog it’s amazing to see the changes in our life.

Last year we were still making 2 house payments and paying 2 sets of utilities. We thought we were only having 1 baby. We only had 1 car. We hadn’t found a church yet. I didn’t have a utility room (we are trimming ours now, I’ll post pics soon). Life was just so different.

Now we are a family of 6 with 2 cars and 1 house. We have a church home we love. Yep, lots to be thankful for, change this year has been good.

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Noillirac said...

God is really blessing your family. I guess that's part of the, "If you are faithful in the small things. . . " I'm glad you're settling into life there.