Saturday, August 18, 2007

Computers (a history)

Jonathan and I had a very old computer that my mother gave us (we're talking a 486 that was later converted to Pentium) when we got married. In 1998 it was slow, but when all you need is a word processor it's no big deal. When V was almost 6 months old (fall 2000) we bought a new computer. It wasn't top of the line, but we could run some programs like MathCAD and more involved programs and we could use the net with it (at that point we were using university computers for that need).

We've used this computer for a long time and over all it has served us well (we've had to replace a few power supplies). In late 2001 or early 2002 my brother-in-law got us a deal on an old laptop from his office (it ran Windows 98) but in '02 that wasn't a big deal. Last year a friend at J's office had a computer that his hard drive fried and instead of buying a new hard drive he bought a new computer and we bought his old one cheap. This was okay (we had moved into the world of XP) until it blew 2 power supplies and sparked when we tried to fix it again. Alas we were back to the 7 year old desktop and the old laptop.

That is until last night. With our earnest money back in hand from the apartment fiasco we took the plunge. Now a better computer is more important (J can't run 3-D CAD software's without a better computer). J sees this time as the moment when God is pointing him elsewhere to pursue his own business and the computer is a necessary step. I'm moving computer today while J is helping his parents so I hope to be up and running soon.

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