Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's okay...laugh at me.

I was cleaning up our old computer as I moved it to V's desk (no, it sin't "her" computer, it will just rest there). This was that cleaning that only happens when it gets moved. This is where wires are wiped and dust bunnies are forced to evacuate.

I noticed how grungy the key board looked and I decided that Clorox wipes would be my best and safest option for the task of the wipe down. I located in the pantry my little yellow container full of pre-moistened wipey goodness and I took it to the office an removed one and began my wipe down. I noticed that the dusted items just didn't look as clean so I wiped everything. The surfaces were smooth, slick and shiny. I felt like I had done a great job.

I returned later to the new computer and decided that the old trackball mouse needed wiped too, but my wipe was dry. As I looked for the container to get another I realized my mistake.

Armorall wipes really make the computer and accessories clean and shiny. Wow, just wow.

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