Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm a bad blogger.

When I switched over to the new blogger I had tons of issues (I had subscriptions there were so many). It wasn't user error, it was simply glitches and incompatibility with my SBC browser. In that I got frustrated dealing with work arounds and began blogging very rarely and almost always about nothing in particular. It's been a while since this problem arose and has even been fixed.

I started using Myspace. I still don't like it, but I tend to throw a bulletin up without thinking and then I don't post a blog. The major problem is that the bulletins go away after a while and those records of happenings disappear. It's sad.

I need to get back on the blogger band wagon. I promise to those of you who still check in I am reading and lurking on your pages. I cheer for you and feel sorry for your loses.

-In current news I had a first yesterday. Jackson threw up in Hobby Lobby. I've never had a child throw up in a business before. Wow. Fortunately the milk in his stomach was still very fresh so it wasn't as gross as it could have been. I felt bad and yet relieved at the same time that someone else was cleaning it up.

-We tried to buy a 12 unit apartment complex and were were very close to finalizing the financing when we finished reviewing the owners tax records. The proforma he gave us was a fairy tale and the income after all expenses and mortgage payments changed so dramatically that we cancelled the contract. It's been disappointing, but we were praying really hard and we asked God for a definite sign. He really gave it to us in numbers and we hated to let it go, but after running the numbers we would be losing money if we had 2 vacancies. That was a risk we couldn't take. We are going to look at some others, maybe we'll try a small house or 2 first. We'll keep you posted as our entrepreneurial spirit takes us on adventures.

-The babies are "walking", but only up to 5 steps at a time (Alex more then Owen). They have also finally hit the 20lb mark and have new car seats that have been turned around. They are 13 1/2 months old.

-Jackson busted his head open on the swing set we bought V back in June. We sat in the emergency room with a bleeding 3 year old for more then 2 1/2 hours. We told them at the desk we were leaving and I went and got butterflies at Wal-Mart since we had stopped the bleeding while waiting. It was after 11 pm before we got home (of course the injury happened 5 minutes before they would have been called in to get ready for bed) I took him to the pediatrician the next morning and he didn't give him stitches and he said we did the right thing, by taking him home and letting him sleep. I was growing his hair out, but now he looks like a military school child.

-The dinning room renovation moves on and that is where we do V's school. J asked when I was going to start school and I told him I had planned on the first week of September, but since he was taking vacation that week the second week would have to do. He doesn't like the idea, but I asked him if he trusts me to school her to please trust me to set and fulfill my schedule and legal requirements. Public school starts here today, so she has more of a break. Homeschool activities will be kicking into high gear again soon and so will soccer.

-I turned 29 on the 9th. I thought I was turning 30. Ya, the mind is going with age. ;P Some schools started August 9th. That's too early. We always started the last week of August. We always started 1-2 weeks after the universities, now public schools are starting before. Is this a way to sneak into year round school or is this panic b/c of snow days last winter? It's nothing against year round school, we slow down in the summer, but we keep V's brain going so when we start full bore she doesn't say, "I don't remember this at all." I would just like to know their reasoning.

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