Friday, August 17, 2007

Soccer Mom

V started soccer last night. Yes, it was at least 100 degrees at 6pm. Soccer now runs an hour and a half 2 days a week with a game every Saturday from the beginning of September to mid November.

There was a miscommunication on who was to inform the players when practice started we have 1 trainer who trains all of the 8 and under (girls) teams together even though they each have a coach. I finally called our coach from last season Wednesday to find out when practice started and found out they began Thursday. He had only contacted the newbies. V and I made a Wednesday run to get shoes since she had outgrown hers from the spring. I guess this is just the beginning. Activities will begin in full very soon. AWANA hits the first week of September and 1 day a week she will be going to a day of classes called the BCHEP (B* Christian Homeschool Enrichment Program).

Let the games begin.

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