Friday, August 17, 2007


Well, it's been a decent couple of days, regardless of insane, stifling heat.

2 days ago I went on a copy binge. I made almost every copy I will need for the next school year. The only major issue was that the copy machine kept reading low toner and I had just bought a new cartridge. It turns out the motor to turn the toner cartridge is shot. No big deal I now have one on back order with a company and I periodically rotate the cartridge to get better copies.

Yesterday V and I took on her file cabinet (no files in it, it is used to store craft stuff and activities) and her desk. After that I sent her on her merry way to play and I organized her school stuff for this year. Last year we had 1 file box and a 4"binder. This year we have 2 file boxes, a 4" and a 1" binder and a small Rubbermaid of books. One file box is curriculum, the other is supplies (easy to continue school at any location of my choice this way). I can just grab it all and we can head to Grandma's, the porch, upstairs. It matters not. The classroom is wherever we make it. We had it set up in that fashion at the end of last year and it made it very nice.

We are going to ease into school. J is taking vacation the first week of September and since I don't know where we are going or what we are doing (I vote we stay close to home) I don't want to be doing too much until the 2nd week in September. Today we will begin cursive review (yes, she learned cursive in the first grade) and a little math (we've done a little all summer) and naturally I'll have her read to me some. We'll kick into history, Bible, geography, language arts and more reading in a few weeks.

Maybe by that time I will have my desk and file cabinet straightened out by then and all of the out grown and unworn clothing boxed up and removed from the house. Let's not hold our breath, but a girl can dream.

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