Friday, February 22, 2008

Ha! Ha! Ha! (UPDATED)

Babystepper just posted this comment under my Um ya... post:

"No wonder you've been a away for a bit! You have always had amazing amounts of energy."

I'm sorry Babystepper I laughed. The only reason I'm functioning lately is the kids are sleeping until 9 and I'm being lazy and sleeping until then too. Yes, I am sleeping 9-11 hours a night, because I am absolutely wiped out. I also went from drinking very little caffeine to consuming 2-5 Dr. Pepper's or cups of coffee a day. I've hit the wall.


For the record this sleep pattern has only been going on since everyone has been sick. I honestly think it's what has kept me from catching the crud.

1 comment:

Babystepper said...

OK, well, I didn't want to accuse you of drugs and sloth, but if that's how you make life work, good on yer!

Just Kidding.

I'd be all over that energy plan of yours if my kids would sleep past 7am and Dr. Pepper didn't give me deadly, ferocious heartburn.