Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I admit it I love Daimond.

Neil Diamond that is.

Yes, it's hard to admit, but my mother is a huge fan and has past it down to me (I'm the only 1 of her 3 who is). It's strange element in my music style. I like rock, alternative and metal as my standard (I like most stuff in some form). Right now I really want my mom's old records and a record player for a little Neil. Maybe it's because I have so much house work to do (because I'm lazy, people have been sick and home renovations), it seemed to be the standard stuff mom played while we worked. It was peppy and made for some silly dancing on mom's part as we worked.

Ya, maybe I need to go to Hastings and see what they have.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, I well remember Neil Diamond and I have a number of his records (yes, vinyl) in my attic. I also still have a turntable as a part of my component system.

With that and a good computer and computer program, I have been "digitizing" the old vinyl with the intent of burning them onto CD's myself. I may just have to dig Neil out sooner than I thought.

Then again, with some artists, I find myself having a hard time enjoying their music AFTER they come out with some dumb political or moral stunt. I hope I don't hear of Neil doing something like that.


Babystepper said...

We listen to Curves music while we clean (the kids and I) It's all at a high BPM for extra energy. The kids love to dance like goobers to it. OK, Mommy does too.