Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is it bad...

...that I could care less about Valentine's Day. My primary love language is acts of service. Going out for an over priced meal and getting more "stuff", because it is certain day doesn't do anything for me.

Don't get me wrong I enjoy being treated and appreciated and I like a good gift, but I like for it to be J's idea. I'm not anti-Valentine's Day for everyone, just me. I like making cards for the kids Victoria knows, with her (it makes a fun art lesson), and I enjoy an excuse to buy a little candy.

When I knew Jonathan was looking on the computer to buy me a gift I told him, "Buy me a gift and I'll punch you in the throat. If you feel the desire that you must do something, bring home dinner so I don't have to cook." It's a wonder I ever got married with my attitude at times.

I can skip Valentine's Day I will take a random act of service done in love any day.

In other news J has no desire to eat he’s so sick. He ate ¼ of a Caesar wrap from Camille’s and is in bed in a sweatshirt, bundled up and chilling. He missed work Monday and was going to make it up tomorrow and I told him if he felt bad at all he wasn’t allowed to go in. He must feel bad, because he didn’t argue.


Wai said...

Valentine's Day was drummed up by Macy's to create big business of buying big-ticket items like jewelry and such for the loved one. I don't believe in it myself, because that would mean that everything else I've done the rest of year would be meaningless. I know exactly how you feel about Valentine's Day. It's all a scam.

Babystepper said...

I'm not real into V-Day either.

I love gifts, that being one of my primary love languages, but I'd like them just about any time.

And Cupid freaks me out.