Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Black Friday

I don't do it. Not in a normal sense at least. I have only gotten up once in my life at 4 am to stand in line and that was at least 6-7 years ago to buy Jonathan a pocket gameboy (now at least the 5th gameboy back). Why? I'm not sure, he's not a huge videogamer, but it seemed like a good idea. I realized that morning that unless it seemed like a life or death situation, I was going to value my sleep more. People were rude and pushy. Needless to say I haven't gotten up since.

I have also never failed to procure what I want either. At least when we are in or go through Jonathan hometown. Cleveland has a small Wal-Mart. The kind you rarely see, just a plain old Wal-Mart of the style before they went 24 hour and huge. Cleveland is close enough to Tulsa and the suburbs that most people go to those places, so they can hit other stores that aren't in their small town. I go somewhere between 9 and 10 and haven't failed to buy what I planned, yet. People are much kinder and more patient at 9-10. They're still cranky, but they aren't trying to channel Satan (like some at 5 am).

This year I wasn't sold on buying anything, but with Jonathan having a 19 hours on a plane from Tulsa to Beijing I thought an mp3 player would be nice. He doesn't want to take the laptop, so he would be stuck with a book that might make him tired or the movie on the plane. He's been told to try and stay up until "normal" bedtime the day he lands to keep the jet lag down, by most everyone. I dropped several books on CD to the computer for this purpose.

Jonathan went with me and I assumed he would poo poo the idea, but once he started looking at the 2 deals I had intended to look at he warmed up to the idea. Not only did we buy one for him, he bought one for me too.

I picked this Phillips 2GB that was $29 and I bought the accessory pack for $10, so I have a case ans hook (or I will drop it).

We agreed he needed a bigger one for his trip, so he picked this 8GB RCA for $49. We didn't buy the accessory pack for $10, but I'm going to go back and get it (it comes with an a/c charging adaptor)

We aren't picky enough to need ipods, we won't use them that often, so the price isn't worth it. I've been transferring books to mine and just loaded itunes to pull podcasts of Rush after the show is over. I can listen later if I miss it and I don't have to stay at the computer or blast it's speakers.
These we agreed will be our 10 year anniversary presents. It seems funny having them. For as tech savvy as we can be, when it comes to mp3 players and cell phones we just don't care (we've gone so far as to cancel our contract and go to pay as you go cells). Trying to get used to the players is a little weird and at time frustrating, but they are nice.


Babystepper said...

I hook mine up to my stereo and I can listen to all the music we have that isn't on CDs.

Jeremy said...

I bought my first MP3 player back in 1999 and it held eight songs. I have one now, a Sandisk Sansa E200, can hold over 2,500 songs. I use it all day at work listening to Christmas music or NPR. I need to invest is some of its accessories so I can hook it up in my truck.