Monday, December 01, 2008

So close

This Christmas season is going to be weird. Not the important part of celebrating the birth of Christ, but the activities and the way things are done will be.

We weren't home the day after Thanksgiving so the tree wasn't put up, but we did put it up yesterday afternoon.

Most of my shopping is done. Last night I wrapped and put stuff under the tree (usually a late December event). Jackson asked since there were flurries if we could open gifts tonight. I've been picking up a gift or 2 a week for 5 weeks after the kids go to bed on my weekly Wal-Mart trip.

The (very little) shopping I have left is for Christmas in Norman so I will finish that while I'm down there at the end of the week, so I can leave it there.

I will spend 8 days this month without my husband. He leaves Friday. We will leave for Norman right after and stay until Tuesday, when we will resume life as usual here.

While in Norman we will miss the Poinsettia tree service at church (Jackson tucks the poinsettias under his arm and runs up the aisle like a football player...lots of laughs).

While Jonathan is gone he will miss the homeschool field trip to Woolaroc's Festival of Lights and Bethlehem in Bartelsville. I'm not too keen to go alone with the kids, because we are able to attend both the day before he comes home. All I can imagine is this equation ME+4KIDS+NONAPS+ENDOFMYROPE=EXPLOSION. It may not be that bad, but I'm not sure.

When Jonathan returns it will be 12 days until Christmas. This just seems weird to not have him here for a chunk of the month.

Jonathan's will be home from work (between paid days off for holiday's and vacation) 12 days from Christmas eve until January 4th. That will be during our anniversary (10 years Dec 27th) which is nice.

I know it will all work out, but it just seems so foreign. It's almost like we are in another world.

I think I'm going to go turn on the tree, listen to some Bing Crosby Christmas music, make a cup of coffee or hot cocoa and light a candle that smells like I've been cooking (while I clean my kitchen). That will be normal. Familiarity can be so nice.

In 30 minutes I'll probably be begging for change with my ADHD

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Babystepper said...

What I want/like changes about every 30 min. too. I hear ya'.