Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's doing it again!

My yard still has ice (I mean lots of ice) from the previous storm. You had 2 options of what to walk on swamp or ice. Now your options are again snow and ice.

This picture is from across the street. Parts of our 3 porch roofs still have snow (or ice). You can still see 2 mounds on each side of my front porch roof where it pours off the roof.

This picture is from one of our side porches and looks across to the art gallery across the street. Yes, there is an art gallery across the street (it's too cool). The drive in front is still a solid sheet of ice. I walked across to talk to Jody (the owner) and I almost fell on my rear (again). The last thing I need is my tail bone bruised again. It still isn't totally healed.

Oh, well let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. I've never seen this much snow in my life in Oklahoma. I'm ready to see it go.

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