Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bad mood

I’m not in a great mood today.  I’m not sure why (hormones, cold/wet weather, etc.) and over all it isn’t a big deal.  I would just like to know why on days when I’m feeling foul do my kids push me?  Some days they are so compliant and well behaved and some days they are just so defiant and question (or correct, when they are wrong) everything I say.  Today fits into the latter category.  

Victoria has had the gall to say that she didn’t want to do what I said and ask what her punishment would be, and starts listing what I might do.  Needless to say with that kind of attitude, she got in far worse trouble.  Maybe I over reacted, but why when you know you’re on thin ice would you ask to get in bigger trouble by being a punk?  I even warned her and told her to stop before she got in bigger trouble, which she didn’t do.

I just wish on my bad mood days the kids would channel an “angelic” day to make mine better.  Sadly the world just doesn’t work that way.

The funny thing is regardless of kids, these days just happen.  For some it’s lack of productivity at work, bad customers or just “Murphy” making our day hard.  Oh, well tomorrow is another day, and I will do what I can to make this one and the next better.  Maybe I just need a nap.


Jeremy said...

How could you punish that little, adorable angel? lol

Sara said...

She's my kid, she's got to be part demon no matter how sweet she looks. :)

Kelly Sime said...

From my experience working with children--babysitting, nannying, working as a children's librarian--they pick up on the vibes adults give out. Like if you're having a crappy day, they're going to make it crappier. Or if you're relaxed, they are too. What do you think?

Sara said...

I tend to agree. It seems that we play off of one another a lot. Plus, she reminds me a lot of me, which can be a problem in and of itself.