Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Viticulture (growing grapes)

I just happened to run across a great article on an improved viticulture course offering at Redlands Community College in El Reno, OK (that is if the vines they planted are there after yesterday’s storm).  Granted this is not a nearby school, but the article discusses online and distance education courses.  I am still scouring their catalogue and course schedule for these classes they have held in the past and I am having no luck.  I really dislike reading a PDF file of this size online (it’s just not as easy as flipping real pages in my opinion).

We spent a fair share of the weekend mulching the blackberries.  Some watering was done and if what I saw was correct on the Doppler they were watered well by the rain yesterday (I just hope it didn’t wash too much of the mulch off).  

Back to the article, if you read nothing but the last paragraph of it, that is where my interest perked up.  This is a financial stat we haven’t seen yet.  Granted the amount of money must be divided as you have to pay workers (and partners) and it is sales as opposed to profits, but it looks nice.  This was the kind of thing Jonathan and I needed to see as we are just frustrated by the start up of planting blackberries.  Next year we plan to start on the vines (that’s going to be even worse).

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