Sunday, April 30, 2006

I’m a heathen.

This is week 3 that we haven’t made it to church.  I really miss going to church when we don’t go.  The week just doesn’t seem complete, regardless of personal study time.  This is a wild week and it has just poured over to today.  I don’t mind the wild weeks; sometimes I need them for motivation.  I just wish I could remove some of the burden from Jonathan.

This is a busy week at work for him (he has a deadline Monday and Wednesday).  Monday’s is out of the question, because his Uncle Jerry’s funeral is Monday in Tulsa with a burial at Ft. Gibson.  We are debating going to the burial so he can get some more work done that afternoon.  Thursday I have my next ultrasound, and the only one he has missed was the one we got really freaked out about.  He refuses to miss it.  Then we have the Oklahoma Homeschool Convention in OKC Friday and Saturday.  We also have the Pawnee Steam and Gas Engine Show (which runs Friday thru Sunday), Jonathan has missed that, maybe 3 times in his life.  

I know he is feeling a lot of pressure, I just wish I could take some of this away.  I know the Steam and Gas Engine Show may seem like something he can skip, but after the week he is going to have he deserves a chance to do something just for fun Sunday afternoon.

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