Wednesday, April 05, 2006

This Week

The elders at church anointed me Monday night and prayed over the babies and me.  

I’m tired, pregnancy or time change I’m not really sure.  If we could just get to bed on time, and up, I think it would help.  It’s going to take some time and doing.

I’ve been working on the routines in our house; we are defiantly going to need them soon.  I’ve been working on my “control journal” (think household command center) from  It definitely helps.  The housework may not be done, but at least I’m slowly walking through it (baby steps).  Victoria is a huge help; she can almost make her bed by herself.  Jackson can strip his and is learning to put his dishes in the dishwasher.

I have a blood glucose test Friday first thing (standard preg test), a regular OB appointment, and another ultrasound with the specialist in OKC.  As usual our trip to Norman will be one full day Friday.  The only problem with the new car was a potential alignment problem, which I’m also going to take in and have checked Friday.    

We hope to finish de-uglying Jackson’s room this weekend.  I’ll post some pictures soon of the progress.  It amazes me the amount of junk they put on the walls in this room.  My strange thought right now is that I may paint his walls brown.  Jonathan is even okay with it.  I think brown, navy and cream with his bedding and things will look very nice and will work well know while he’s a grubby little boy on until he’s a grubby teenager.

Have a good week.


Kelly Sime said...

thanks for updating, Sara. I'm thinking about you and your family. I hope all goes well with your check-ups.

Jeremy said...

I'm glad to hear you're doing okay