Saturday, April 08, 2006

How are you?

We don’t have TTTS!  We still have a problem, but this isn’t it!  Baby B is now only 3 oz behind baby A instead of 4 oz, but he still has visibly less fluid in his sack (this has a name, but I’ve forgotten it).  This is now more pronounced, as he has gotten bigger.  This is a concern, but I’m not in the hospital and I don’t have to go back next week, so YIPEE!  I have now been bumped up to OB and specialist/ultrasounds every 2 weeks.  This makes for long Friday’s.

On the HOME sale front, we are in contract on our OKC house.  The buyer has a contingency in the contract regarding the sale of their home in Norman.  On the way into OKC last night our Realtor called and said we have another offer.  We have countered and are waiting for a reply.  If we can agree on a contract, with the new buyer, we have a walk out clause in the first one, where they drop the contingency or drop their offer.  This house has been on the market with us paying bills and the mortgage for 9 months now.  Hopefully we will be done with all of that next month!  We did stop by the house yesterday and I must say I miss my pretty hardwood floors.  Our wood floors here are ugly and too thin to refinish.

We mowed for the first time of the year today.  It’s such a love hate relationship.  I love the smell of fresh mowed grass; I just don’t care for doing it in the heat of summer.  Jonathan was funny, he kept telling me I shouldn’t mow if I couldn’t get it started, but being the beast I am it started right up.  Like I said in my first pregnancy, I’m pregnant, not dead!  Ha!  Ha!

How are you?

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Cam said...

FANTASTIC!! You've been in my thoughts and prayers a lot over the past few days. I am so happy for you, and will continue to keep you in mind.