Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Where were you...(updated)

…11 years ago today? Do you remember? I was in 10th grade biology outside doing some random experiment. Why do I remember? The next class period I was sent to pick something up for my teacher and I heard before the rest of my school (from a friend who was an office aid I ran into in the hall) that the Murrah Federal Building in OKC had been bombed. My sister had been working on her masters project just down the street that same day (every week) for weeks (she wasn’t there that day), my dad used to live in the apartment complex down the street that was damaged by the blast and my other sister had also been employed near by the year before (she had since changed jobs and locations). I know people who lost parents in the blast. I consider it a day of innocence lost.

I don’t have cable, so I’ve seen no news today, but it seems that Oklahoma is the only one remembering today. has nothing; the yahoo home page has nothing. I’ve only seen information of this tragedy on the Daily Oklahoman site.

No, I don’t want to dwell on it; I would just like to see a little bit of acknowledgment. We can’t forget events of the past (this or 9/11); otherwise we set ourselves up for additional heartache in the future. It’s amazing to think it’s been 11 years (how things have changed from 16 to 27). I will always remember.

Correction the OKC bombing is on the web page. It's at the very bottom right under suggested searches. Still no info unless you choose to search it and minimal acknowledgment.

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Jeremy said...

Sara; I forget that you're a few years younger than me. I was in college algebra at Oklahoma Community College when I heard the boom and felt the vibration. We simply thought someone was working on the roof and had dropped something (metal roof). My friend's dad worked for the FBI and was the main guy who always led McVeigh in chains.

Yeah, the media is too busy nitpicking the war and the Bush administration to give respect to the 168 killed on this day.