Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Day 3

Is it really Wednesday already? Jonathan and the kids will be back tomorrow night. I’m keeping busy, watching movies you can’t watch with the kids around (Underworld, b/c Underworld Evolution came out on DVD yesterday), reading, going to the doctor, hospital and lab, and working on that stupid chair I started to recover in the fall (pictures of the chair before and stripped are in the photo album to the right). Pictures will follow when it is finished.

The chair has exploded in mom’s living room, I will say upholstery is much easier with 2 people, one of us pulls the fabric while the other staples; it works very well. It is also much easier with the kids gone, b/c they can’t get into the staples, pins, hammers or sewing stuff. The little we’ve done looks good.

Here is a quick update on baby watch 2006. I have another ultrasound on Friday, and I am still at a 2 and 50% (if you don’t know what this is don’t worry about it, I’m not going to explain it, so my description is vague), 2 ½ weeks after they put me on the anti-contraction meds. The contractions have started coming occasionally regardless of the meds since Sunday, but not enough to do too much. The current goal is to make it until at least Tuesday, June 13th that is 34 weeks. I was given steroid shots last week on Tuesday and Wednesday to boost their lung development, just in case they came. I have officially hit my limit; I lost 3 lbs in the last week. Apparently at 155lbs, my body decided it couldn’t take anymore and the kids began sucking the life out of me.


Kelly Sime said...

From what I know about children, and I think I know quite a bit even without actually birthing them, this is only the beginning of the children sucking the life out of you :)

Glad to hear that you're almost there and you're feeling well enough to upholster a chair!!!

Jeremy said...

I'm glad you're doing well and enjoying some good movies.

Cam said...

Glad to see you're doing all right.