Saturday, June 17, 2006

What's going on.

What a wild day yesterday was. My baby girl is 6. That sounds so old. I’ll post pics here and in the album when we get home, since my software isn’t playing well with mom’s computer. She had a good day. I didn’t get to see her awake until around noon. I had another NST, which then led to another ultrasound and then a hair cut and color (which I desperately needed). When I got home we gave her, her BIG present. We bought her a set of drums at Toys R Us. Yes, I know we have babies coming and drums in the house may seem like a bad idea, but honestly as long as she is drumming and not just crashing the cymbals, I’m okay and she is very understanding of not playing when people are sleeping, or on the phone, or just when you say not now. She’s pretty good and so is Jackson. We ate at Hideaway Pizza (her choice) and came back and had cake and let her open the rest of her gifts. Her cake was very cool. My mom has a bear cake pan (the bear is sitting upright), so Victoria had a sitting Panda Bear cake. She was so thrilled and she got to play with the icing while mom was icing the cake.

Today I did something different. I got to be in pictures for someone’s photography portfolio for maternity shots. It was a neat experience, and not something I had thought of doing. I tried to be a total team player and told her I was game for anything and some of the shots she took were really cool. I was really glad I was able to help, and I can’t wait to see what she took.

Victoria is off again this next week. She is going to stay with her Aunt Sarah in Tahlequah. Sarah is brave (and so is her husband); she is taking all of the nieces and nephews for 3 days and 2 nights. Well, she isn’t taking all of them, I am keeping Jackson, if he was a year older and potty trained, I think I’d send him. Currently he is just too much of a 2 year old and all of the kids are older (except her youngest), I think she’d spend more time putting out his fires then getting to play and hang out with the rest of the kids. I hope they have a blast.

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