Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Father's Day

Okay, so Father’s Day is Saturday, and of course it has been all along. I never forget Father’s Day, because it’s always the Sunday after or the Sunday of Victoria’s birthday.

I’m letting Jonathan be more involved in his gift selection this year and he hasn’t made a decision. We have discussed a nice new weight bench (we both want/need this), a recliner; I’ve debated the standards like cologne, or work clothes (a new suit) and casual clothes. He hasn’t decided what he wants and I haven’t come up with any great ideas. The recliner would have won out, but now he’s debating whether he wants theater seat recliners and to turn our living room into a theater or just a recliner. Even then he wants to have some idea of future living room furniture ideas. He’s not huge on the whole decorating thing, but he wants good colors on the walls and furniture that goes with those colors and together.

He was nice enough to let me pick my Mother’s Day gift (I received 2 fake diamond ring since my wedding ring won’t fit), and I consider my Expedition another part of my gift. I want to do something nice, but nothing is striking either one of us.

Any suggestions?

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Jeremy said...

He needs a recliner - the man is soon to be a father of four.