Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My brother

Jackson has a language and understanding that is all his own. Of course he’s almost 2 ½, so I can’t expect much more.

Here are some totally Jackson references:

My brother-this is what he calls himself, he will not say Jackson (any picture he sees he refers to himself as My Brother).
Sis-He refuses to say Victoria, she is Sis
Auda-My mother’s name is Audra and Victoria refers to her as Grandma Audra, until this last week ALL grandmothers were “Auda”. He is now referring to the others as Grandma (or Gamma), but mom is still Auda.
Cuck-He combines car and truck and refers to all vehicles as cucks.
Cacker-This is what he call a tractor.
My Shell-He calls my sister Michelle My Shell, now many of the names of family members have had My added to the front. My Auda, My Annie (Ann Dee), My Sis, My Brother.
Hi Seek-He is 2, I am having 2 babies, he is really good at the number 2. He likes to play Hi Seek (Hide and Seek). When he counts he gets to 3, then you say 4, he says Fi-Sic (5,6) and then all other numbers are 2. 2. 2. 2. 2.

Jacksonisms are fun. I wish I had a list of some of Victoria’s. My main memory of a Victoriaism was the word “Prenda”. She was almost 2 and she made up the word and she used it with her hands on her hips as a little kid cuss word (or insult we weren’t sure), it was very snotty and you knew when she said it, it wasn’t good.

It’s always something with the kids.

On the baby front we are officially in the last week of pregnancy, if I go into labor okay and if I don’t I am scheduled for Tuesday. With as well as the anti-contraction med is working, I should be able to wait (it’s stalled me for 4 weeks, why not 5). I ordered the stroller today and it should come while I’m in the hospital. Since the seats will recline all the way back I should be able to lay the little guys down in it, until they can sit up a bit. I should be able to take a few walks when we get home.

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