Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Staci and Rich...

...sitting in a tree...

This post has been stewing in my head for a few weeks.

I have a huge congratulation to send out to my friend Staci. Cinco de Mayo she got engaged to a very nice guy, Rich. I’ve known Staci since 9th grade. We’ve seen each other go through high school and teen angst, we lost touch in college and we reconnected about 2 years ago. Staci is strong, fun, smart and beautiful (her Halloween Party picture is in the October or November archives). It’s been interesting watching their relationship grow (okay, listening to it over the phone, I live 3 hours away). There is one thing I have noticed; instead of nervousness, apprehension and the game playing we have all been through in the dating realm at one time or another, they just fit. The growth of their relationship has been relaxed and natural for the most part. I am truly excited for them; it’s great to find your partner for life in a person others can see is not just your love, but your friend as well.

Congratulations Staci and Rich!

PS Thanks for asking me to be in the wedding, I feel totally honored and excited.

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