Monday, June 12, 2006


It’s Monday. Boy is it Monday. It’s not a bad day, I just feel a bit behind, nothing major. The kids have been back since Thursday, at about bedtime. Today is a day for attitude adjustment and a bit of training. Jackson is cutting teeth, has a head/chest cold and he’s throwing fits, I don’t feel like listening to it. Victoria is a know it all (since birth) and has been a bit on the bossy, whinny side. Both just need some adjustment. Today’s focus is on them being back with me, and since I am the hard-nosed disciplinarian, getting my control back. My friend Kara is going through the same thing. It doesn’t matter where you send them and if it’s for one night or several, it’s crazy how quickly they forget what they can, can’t, should and shouldn’t do.

My ultrasound Friday has Alex at 4lbs 3ozs and Owen at 3lbs 13ozs (that is 8lbs of baby). My doctor is back from vacation today and I have my first appointment with her back tomorrow morning. The specialist told me Friday at this point he wouldn’t do anything to stop labor; I may be off the anti-contraction medicine soon. Tomorrow I am officially 34 weeks and he still doesn’t want me to go past 36 weeks. We’ll see what my doctor says tomorrow.

Back to it feeling like Monday, the DSL isn’t working correctly, I called and it should be back up by 2, so I’ll post this then. Also at about 1-3am Saturday night/Sunday morning my hip decided it wanted to dislocate. I am waiting on a call to see if I am allowed to go to the chiropractor and have it put back in place. I’ve never been to a chiropractor before, but Mom’s chiropractor said he could make the adjustment even tough I’m very pregnant; we’ll see what my OB says. I just personally don’t like feeling like someone is stabbing me in the hip with an ice pick anymore.

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