Friday, April 02, 2010

Call me Grace!

Okay, so part of the trouble with facebook was that I would post status updates and would leave the details of life to a 1-4 line blurb.  I'll blurb them back where they belong, right here.

March 9th I broke my little toe. Ironically I was running to get my shoes.

On March 25th I broke the healing that had occurred walking to my car to surprise JR with a cheesecake at his office the day before his birthday.

I've never broken a bone and I'd rather not do it again.


Carina said...

You've got mad skillz, Sara!

P.S. We want pictures.

Carina said...

Of your kids, not your toe.

Wai said...

Yeah, I dislocated my right pinky toe when I was ten. Sometimes, I get a sharp pain from it whenever the weather is about to get nasty.