Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We tried.

JR called at about 7:45 and said the shuttle would be passing over in about 5 minutes.  I dove out of bed (I was cuddling CAR) and got the kids semi dressed (half PJ's, half normal clothes).

We ran outside to the empty lot across the street and stood there.  Owen crying.  The kids talking over the car radio (announcing it's location).  Staring at the sky.


We didn't see it.  We heard it, but never saw it.  I'm glad we tried.

JR pulled off of the highway to look and he didn't see it either.

Our neighbor came across the street to make sure nothing had happened to the house, b/c we were standing there staring to the NW toward our house.

We did hear it, so I guess it was worth it to say we did.

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