Friday, April 16, 2010

I learned a very expensive lesson yesterday.

If it feels like appendicitis, the doctor thinks it sound like "textbook" appendicitis, and you go have expensive tests run.  It may not be appendicitis.

It may be much more simple, embarrassing and stupid.  Thankfully it's easer and much cheaper to treat.

I had a CT scan for nothing.  Okay, not having surgery is something, but they didn't draw blood and check my white cell counts which is a huge indicator and much cheaper (I learned this after the scan).

I'm still not sure how this stomach issue occurred, but you live and learn (and you feel stupid).

Did I mention that I feel stupid?  Just checking.


Carina said...

Sorry about all that. Funny how they like to do the expensive tests first.

Pam said...

Always error on the side of caution. I went though the same thing with Brian's older brother when he was 15. Thinking it was just a gastro problem only it wasn't. Two days later he had emergency surgery for a perforated appendix. Not fun for him and scared me silly.