Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More info on baby wearing

As I stated in the Baby Bluetooth post, Jennifer made me a wonderful wrap sling.  She attended a class on baby wearing and passed great information on, gave me a sling as a gift and taught me how to wear it.  Having someone to show you really helps.

She attended her class in the OKC area and classes can be found at

I did find a location in Tulsa that taught classes, but they have discontinued them.

These links were given to me by Jennifer in an e-mail on wrapping methods and making your own wraps.

I am in agreement with her that the basic is the best for small babies who need more support.  

I do promise pictures are to come.

*I guess I should add this.  You need to be aware of you child when placing them in a wrap or sling.  Their breathing should not be obstructed and you should be paying attention to them.  This seems like a duh, but I've had a lot of people tell me that ALL slings have been recalled.  This is totally inaccurate, not all slings have and greater care should be taken with children under 4 weeks of age.

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