Saturday, April 24, 2010

Funny things and random thoughts.

"I want to drink your blu."  -Xander
Think blood without the d.  That's his attempt at a Transylvanian accent.

"Backblerry."  -Xander
This is his attempt at saying blackberry.

I really like the word Gnarly.  I should have been a surfer so I could use it more often.  It's a little hard to surf in Oklahoma though.

I bought the cutest tennis shoes ever.

Okay, maybe the second cutest.  I didn't think the white would survive.

My Expedition will be paid off Monday.  1 year early.

"Say Vegemite!"  -Owen
Instead of telling people to say cheese when taking a picture.

"Fart!"  -Me
If you want to send my oldest (V) into a fit of giggle you just look at her and say that.  Jonathan prefers that the kids say, "Pass Gas", so it is incredibly funny to her.

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