Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Adventure Continues

I must admit now that I know I’m having twins; there are so many weird things that are semi-explained (I stress the semi part).  I swore this one was not behaving like the last 2.  

-This explains why I saw my stomach move 2 weeks ago (that’s way early if it’s just one).  

-This explains why I felt at least one kick on Sunday (again very early for one).

-This explains why I followed the doctor’s guidelines for additional calories (at least I quess I did, I thought I went over) and I gained no weight last month.

-This explains why my pregnancy test didn’t show positive day one like the last 2 kids.  It took almost 2 weeks to come up.

-This explains why the morning sickness came late (at 8 weeks instead of 4 weeks), thankfully it only lasted 4 weeks and I never actually threw up.

I am still very freaked out.  All of the things that I have taken for granted, as only minor possibilities have become more prominent possibilities with 2.

-Bed rest isn’t a guarantee, but it is a lot more likely, because pre-term labor is more common.

-My due day is more then likely wrong.  50% of twins are born between week 34 and week 37.  This moves my due date to somewhere between June 13th and July 4th.  Sorry July 25th, it’s not going to happen.

-I’m having a c-section.  That’s what the doctor says.  I was initially unhappy about it, but I’ve been through labor twice, I’m really not missing the birthing experience.  This just means they cut me open before contractions start (hopefully).

-I have a lot more money that has to be spent.  Our house in OKC has to sell soon.  The few things I planned to buy have changed to the many things I now need, and they aren’t cheap.  Thankfully Jonathan has performance reviews and hopefully raises this week.  I’ll be honest I hate showers and don’t want one.  I’d rather buy it myself.

-My time is short and my limitations are much greater.  I just feel like time is short, because any moment my doctor could say you have to move here and stay with your mom.

-My doctor’s visits are more frequent and I have to go see a fetal/maternal specialist and have ultrasounds every 4 weeks after I’m 20 weeks.  This is good, because if they can’t tell us what they both are at our first ultrasound I’ll still have a chance to find out and pick out names.

I just wish I were able to focus better.  I’m defiantly tired and my mind is totally wandering.  I can’t focus on a book or a movie; I can barely focus to cook dinner.  I’m off to make my list and get things started.  Maybe that will keep me on track.

The adventure continues.


Kelly Sime said...

sounds like you just need to take things sloooooow. Good luck! Twins are exciting :)

Cam said...

Actually, I think we need to have a blog shower for you.