Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I thought December was busy...

…I was wrong.

The holidays may have been busy, but as usual I am over extending myself.  I made one simple mistake a few too many times.  I said that one word, “YES!”  

1.  I agreed when asked to head up a 4-H history display for our homeschool history fair.  There isn’t a person in our county with as many 4-H connections or who knows as much about 4-H as I do, except our 4-H agent.  I was the natural choice.  That means meetings at my house (which hasn’t recovered from Christmas and we weren’t even here).

     Agreed-October/November 2005

2.  I agreed to make signs for the history fair.  I have more computer savvy then the lady in charge and I have a copier to blow up the sign.

     Agree-December 2005

3.  Jonathan scheduled Jackson’s second flu shot for the 13th, I didn’t write it down (or schedule it) and had to change it to the 12th, also the day of the history fair.  We get to take Jonathan to work at 6 am.

     Agree-December 2005

4.  I have decided to have the baby in Norman and scheduled a Dr. appointment for the 13th.  Damn I need to start carrying a calendar again.  This means we have to drive to Norman and leave the history fair early Thursday night and pick up Jonathan.  This means laundry, and packing tonight.

     Agreed-December 2005

5.  I told Jonathan I would start the search and find us a new realtor.  We will be in the OKC area on Friday, so it makes since to sign the contract then.  Today I call and get the sales pitch form many people.  Damn I wish that house would sell.

     Agreed-November/December 2005

6.  Jackson’s birthday is the 19th, so the natural choice to have a party with my family is Friday night, while in Norman.  Today I order a cake, and plan dinner (mom’s sick and I hate to mess up her house).  I still have to buy his presents.  I guess that will happen in the middle of the night Thursday or sometime Friday around Dr. appointments and meeting realtors.

     Agreed- No real date, come on it’s my kids birthday!

7.  I’m pregnant, and tired and totally unfocused.  My world, my family, my house and my blog are all suffering for it.  This is making me a stress kitten.

I’ll try to update more regularly, but I keep messing up and taking on too much, procrastinating and not noticing until it’s too late.

FOCUS-dude do I need some.  Thankfully I know I’m not the only person in the world who does this.


Kelly Sime said...

good luck with it all. It's okay if you mess up. No one is perfect.

Sara said...

I gave up perfection long ago. I'm just working on lowering my standards again.;)

I do wish I wasn't pregnant though, I'd love to sit back with an adult beverage when I get it all done. Now I'm only entitled to a nap and glass of milk an oreos. That could be as good as an adult beverage...maybe not.

Rachel said...

Welcome to my life sis. You have to learn to say NO. It took me till Colt to learn that but, oh well.

Jeremy said...

Great post, Sara. I've been wondering what you've been up to. It sounds like you might need a vacation day to sit back and unwind a bit, and have an oreo.