Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Christmas, Barf and More

Oh, the entertainment value of the holiday’s…it’s priceless.  Like my posts before the computer decided it hated me, if it can go wrong it will.  I just have stretches of time where things go wrong; fortunately I can laugh at most of it.  

Christmas Day was no exception.  I the middle of the night Jackson got in bed with us and had a fever.  We were a bit bleary, but gave him something to bring it down.  We got up the next morning for the 3-hour drive to Norman (it shouldn’t be that long but we always stop a couple times).  We stopped for gas and drinks and then decided to stop again when we saw the Albertson’s open to get donuts instead of waiting for the McDonald’s on the turnpike.  We get to Tulsa and are one road away from the turnpike when Jackson vomits.  Great!  We pull down the road and proceed to strip him behind the car and change his clothes.  We have no towels so we use a fleece blanket to clean up as best we can.  Unfortunately the car seat strap goes over Jackson’s head so it was in his hair.  His seat is covered and we debate turning around and going home.  We choose to drive on.

We arrive in Norman without another incident and take Jackson’s clothes and seat cover and wash them as soon as we get to moms and give him a bath before we go see Dad’s family.  The kids play, and get tons of stuff and have a good day.  Jackson doesn’t get a nap at all, and for being sick he was a trooper.   Victoria I think had a ball, getting to see her Grandma.

Monday we went to OKC to check on the house.  I was okay except I need to take a vacuum up to sweep the carpet (leaves have been tracked in) and someone did a #2 in the upstairs bathroom and didn’t flush (Yuck).  Jonathan and I also went to dinner for our anniversary (which was really Tuesday).  We had fun and then went and roamed Hasting, Best Buy and Target.  We had planned on going to a hotel, but since Jackson was still running a fever we thought we’d be nice to mom and not make her go without sleep.

Tuesday I went for my first appointment for the baby.  I decided to have the baby in Norman.  It may not be totally convenient, but it’s the decision I feel comfortable with.  Then we crammed the trunk full and drove home.  It’s so nice to be home.

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Jeremy said...

Oh, I bet you would have given anything for some wetwipes - hehe