Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Name Game

I have to name 2. Well, here are some of the name ideas I have. Please bare with me I have tons of trouble with girl’s names.

Owen-Celtic-Form of Evan meaning Young Warrior
This is also my Great Grandmother (also a twin's) maiden name.
Maxwell-English-meaning the great well
This is also my mother in laws maiden name.
Alexander-Greek-meaning helper and defender of mankind
I just like this one.

Elizabeth-Hebrew-meaning consecrated to God
I just like this one and I can deal with the nickname Liz.
Ivy-Greek-meaning ivy plant
Jonathan had a great aunt named Ivy (?), plus we like it.

Thoughts? Suggestions? I may throw some more at you all I we think of them. The name game song I don’t think kills any of these names.


Drew said...

Grannie's first name was Daisy and Grandpa O's dad's name was Riley. I don't know thier middle names, I'm not sure how I found out their first names. Then of course there is STELLA! Of course we would have to yell it! But, I still vote for thing one and thing two.

Cam said...

how about Cameron? Or Edward. Or... Cameron Edward. :D