Thursday, March 02, 2006

The corprate world (caution rant to follow)...

…it truly frustrates me.  Jonathan works for what I consider to be a pretty decent company.  They aren’t fantastic, but they are better then most.

Jonathan is a Project/Design Engineer, and he is currently the head of 3 projects, one of which his boss has been kind enough to take off of his hands for a brief period.  One of the other 2 projects is our current problem; the company that has contracted Jonathan’s company to build the interiors has never built a plane before and has just received their flight certification from the FAA.  If you have never dealt with the rules and regulations regarding planes with the FAA you have no idea the extent of the compliance issues that arise.  The other company is to be supplying Jonathan with the engineering to rework and produce the parts.  

Unfortunately the other company doesn’t ensure they are following all the necessary protocols and procedures.  This puts Jonathan’s company in hold mode while the other company gets their stuff together.  Jonathan’s company isn’t able to ship parts if they don’t meet all FAA regulations and have all the paper work.  It’s simply a matter of CYA (cover your assets).

Here’s the big issue.  The other company is why the parts haven’t shipped; Jonathan’s company has let them know what they need. The other companies VP has called Jonathan’s companies President who has chewed out Jonathan’s VP for things that aren’t even their fault.

My ultrasound is tomorrow and Jonathan is gong to have to drive me to Norman tonight, drive back to work in the morning (I have a regular OB visit at 9), and then back to OKC by 2, so he can be at my ultrasound.  The reason, just in case something comes up.  There is nothing he needs to be there to work on, he’s just going to drive 2 hours each way, just in case.

Oh, one more thing Jonathan is supposed to have Friday’s off and we haven’t seen a whole Friday off in 5 weeks.

I just wish the corporate world had more respect for their employees and their time.  I’d say it isn’t fair, but we all know that life isn’t always fair.  I just wish it were more considerate.

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Jeremy said...

Working him on his days off and keeping him from his family; now that's a blow below the belt!