Thursday, March 16, 2006


Victoria took it upon herself to cut her own hair. It could have been worse. I have been wondering why her hair was laying really funny for a couple of days. I had let it air dry and I thought that must be it, until I tired to push her hair behind her ears and noticed a chunk gone (this explains the fistful of hair Jackson pulled out from under her bed yesterday). I could have given her bangs and left it at that, had she not cut just a bit too far down the side. Here are pictures of my 20 minute; mom is mad haircut. Fortunately I give a decent haircut even when I give a fast one. Had I taken about 15 minutes longer it may have looked better, but hey, I was irritated.

I know there is a little touch up that needs to be done to the left side, but it will wait until her bath tonight or in the morning. I guess she's just ready for summer now.

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Kelly Sime said...

Could have been worse. It could have been gum all over the hair. My poor mother.